Barry's Pest Control Service Plans

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Inspections- new construction

It is through our dedication to customer service, continued education, market research, highly trained and licensed pest control professionals that we can offer a wide  variety of services.

Services Offered:

  • Free pest evaluations and free estimates: We offer homeowner termite evaluations, pest evaluations, and lawn evaluations.
  • Pest Control - Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi- annual, annual Residential & Commercial | Interior · Exterior · Yard |
  • Termite Control: New construction pre-treats, post treatments,advanced termite baiting system, and Termidor Elimination System.
  • Real estate wood destroying insect inspections and reports, wood destroying organism inspections and reports
  • Rodent and Wildlife: Control and removal of noisy, destructive and disease-carrying wildlife.
  • Lawn and Tree services: Bagworms, webworms, grub worms, rats/mice, control of moles, voles, gophers, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes; lawn evaluations and estimates available.
  • Residential services: We are open Monday through Friday. Barry's Pest Control understands that your time is valuable: therefore, we do our best to schedule a date and time that will accommodate your schedule. We can customize services that can accommodate your schedule and preferences. We also offer after hours and emergency services. 
  • Commercial Services: We are open Monday through Friday, and we do also offer after hours and emergency services. Barry's Pest Control understands that your time and your staff's time are valuable. We also recognize the importance of confidentiality and meeting your pest control needs around your hours of operation. Your customers are as important to you as ours are to us. We do our best to schedule a date and time that will accommodate your business needs and hours of operation.

Residential Services: We provide pest control services to meet your pest needs. No home is too small or too large. We provide indoor, exterior, and yard treatments. These can be combined or if you wish to have just the yard treated, we can do that too. We also have lawn weed control and fertilization services as well as over- seeding. Barry's Pest Control can treat for moles, voles and gophers should you ever have a problem.

Commercial Services: We provide free estimates for pest control and lawn services to meet your commercial needs. Barry's Pest Control specializes in Commercial Pest Services. We provide treatment to all types of commercial properties and businesses, a few include but are not limited to: Medical facilities, Restaurants, Gyms, Schools, Churches or Manufacturing facilities. Barry's Pest Control can customize a treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

Contact Barry's Pest Control for your free pest or lawn evaluation. We are always eager to assist you in finding solutions to your needs in the most cost-effective manner.